Image South East

Map ready geotagged digital photography based in the South East of England, UK.

All images are geotagged by Rich Hall, Image South East photographer, using a gps and usually attached to his Nikon D200 via a Red Hen GPS interface. More recently, when camera weight is an issue I have used a variety of Panasonic Lumix G series cameras with a Sony GPS data logger and a selection of GPS loaded compact cameras.

Geotagged images are ready to be automatically placed on maps such as GoogleEarth and GoogleMaps because each digital image file contains the location data (geotag) which places the image precisely in it's unique earth position. Geotags include the Northing and Easting data used to position these photographs in their correct earth position. This allows simple, easy, automatic loading of images to web or GIS map displays without the need for webmaster coding for each photograph. Thus the image sets are ideal as source material for map based mash ups and GIS point information.

Contact Richard Hall, Image South East Geo-Photographer for your Geotagged image requirements on +44 (0)770 301 6515



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